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    Bomb alert in European district

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    A European Commission office and surrounding buildings have been warned of a bomb threat after a “bomb alert” was put into effect on Rue Breydel, according to reports.

    The alert was enacted after an office located Breydel received a bomb threat, said Ilse Van de Keere, spokesman of the police zone Brussels-Ixelles. Forty people were evacuated and a perimeter was erected, further clarified the police spokesperson

    “Bomb alert in Rue Breydel” said a message sent to EC staff, seen by The Brussels Times. The message also included information on the procedure.

    “The office received a call around 10:30 am stating that a bomb would explode,” said Van de Keere. It is specialized in consultancy and works for the European Commission.

    Part of the EU quarter in Brussels is currently closed to traffic as a result. The Federal Police has also been called in.

    The operation is still ongoing.

    This story will be updated as the situation develops.

    The Brussels Times