Major disruptions at Brussels Airport

Major disruptions at Brussels Airport
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Brussels Airport has been hit hard by the Belgian Air Traffic Controllers’ strike action, which is causing delays of over two on some Brussels Airlines flights. The first issue was the impact on arrivals on Thursday morning, with a capacity limitation of 20 flights per hour in effect until 14:00.

Due to the morning rush, there were many more planes that had to land in Zaventem, leading to issues most apparent around 8:00 am, according to reports.

Problems now concern departures, with a capacity limited to 15 flights per hour, due to lack of staff at Skeyes. This limitation caused more delays because about thirty planes usually take off per hour during busy periods.

“Our flights are currently experiencing delays ranging from 30 minutes to 2:30, but most of them are heading towards 2:30,” said Kim Daenen, spokesman for the company. All intercontinental routes are affected.

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