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    Almost twelve accidents per day involve a STIB vehicle


    Nearly twelve accidents per day involving a STIB vehicle were recorded in Brussels in 2018. This is less than figures for previous years. 

    Last year, 4,370 accidents involved a bus, a tram or a metro belonging to the Brussels transport operator, reports DH.

    Around 1,589 collisions involved a tram, 2,773 a bus and eight a subway. That equates to roughly 1 accident per 100,000 trips. STIB paid nearly a million and a half euros in 2014 and 2015 for these accidents.

    For the majority of the accidents, the drivers were not responsible for the accident. 

    In 2018, STIB staff also received 467 warnings for traffic violations. These were mainly for running red lights and speeding, with an overall cost of 20,000 euros in fines. 

    The Brussels Times