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    Racist attack by driver on two women in Uccle


    A driver was arrested in Uccle after he attacked two Muslim women wearing headscarves.

    The man was arrested, interrogated and has since been released, according to Belgian media.

    The incident happened when Nabila and her sister Kautar went to pick up their children at school in Uccle on Friday. The women were walking at a crossing spot when the driver began to swear and make racist remarks at them before he attempted to run them over in his car. Reports in Belgian media have said that he hit one of the women. 

    The man then drove away, but the sisters were able to write down his license plate. They launched a complaint, and the police were able to arrest the man. He had to answer to an investigating judge and has since been released.

    An investigating judge carries out pre-trial investigations into allegations of crime and in some cases makes a recommendation for prosecution. Further decision will be made on his punishment at a later time. 

    “In the ten years that we have been here, we have never experienced any problems,” says Nabila. “I’m still in shock,” she added.

    The Brussels Times
    * This story has been updated with additional information.