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    Sam the ‘zebra’ must leave Brussels Midi

    Sam's Cafe ©
    Sam's Cafe ©

    Anyone who has ever entered Brussels Midi will likely have seen Sam. Situated just across from the Eurostar terminal, the large plastic horse dressed in a zebra costume has been a landmark and meeting point in Brussels Midi for years.

    But his time is up. 

    The arrival of the British restaurant chain Pret à Manger – who will take over the premise of Sam’s owner ‘Sam’s cafe’ – means the end for the equine espresso enthusiast in the station.

    The contract for Sam’s café expired in December, so Pret à Manger will soon take over the space. They have, however, confirmed that they will not be keeping Sam.

    “I ordered the horse in 2005 at the time of the Horse Parade,” Olivier Vos, owner of Sam’s café, told BRUZZ. “First I thought about leaving the horse in the South Station: it has become a real emblem. But now that I hear that there is no interest, I am just considering keeping it as a souvenir at home,” he added.

    Jules Johnston
    The Brussels Times