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    Flights suspended at Charleroi airport on Wednesday morning


    Air traffic will be halted at Charleroi airport on Wednesday morning between 8am and 10am due to strike action.  This was announced by Belgian air navigation and traffic service provider for the civil airspace, Skeyes.

    Skeyes has been facing a social conflict for several weeks after the CSC and the Liberal union filed strike notices. The tensions revolve around the organization and the workload.

    The meeting on Tuesday between the management and the unions has continued into the evening. 

    The actions of the air traffic controllers have caused severe disruption at various airports across the country. Brussels Airlines cancelled 10 flights to European destinations and announced delays of over two hours on some flights during action last week. The strikes have also caused concerns over the long term image impact of the strikes and led to calls for privatization of the service. 

    The Brussels Times