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    Koekelberg: Safety work begins on Avenue de Jette

    ©Reliance Foundry
    An example of bollards by a cycle lane
    ©Reliance Foundry

    On Wednesday morning, Brussels-Mobility workers began installing bollards to protect the cycle path on Avenue de Jette, three days after a fatal accident occurred in the area. The rapid implementation of new measures to safeguard the road was announced by the office of Mobility Minister Pascal Smet (sp.a)  on Monday, according to reports.

    These measures include work on the bicycle path and pedestrian crossing on which a 30-year-old woman died on Sunday after being hit by a 19-year-old driver, who had passed two cars on the right side of the bicycle path, before hitting his victim.

    The cycle path will now be protected through the installation of bollards, designed to block car traffic and better protect both cyclists and pedestrians.

    The mayor of Koekelberg Ahmed Laaouej (PS) has called for zero tolerance on Avenue de Jette, with the safety of vulnerable users as a priority: “There is no place in Koekelberg for drivers and people who do not respect the highway code”.

    After the first meeting on Monday, further discussions are planned between the mayor, the regional authorities and the neighbourhood committee, which wants to set up a roundabout instead of the current crossroads. There have also been calls for the installation of raised pedestrian crossings, to force motorists to reduce their speed on this wide avenue.

    The Brussels Times