Farmers to join Thursday’s Climate March in Brussels

Farmers to join Thursday’s Climate March in Brussels

A delegation of farmers will participate in Thursday’s climate march in Brussels, the Fédération Wallonne de l'Agriculture (FWA) announced on Wednesday. The farmers’ participation comes in response to a call from the “young climate marchers,” the regional federation said. It is aimed at driving home the message that “while agriculture, like all human activities, is part of the climate problem, it is also a victim and a bearer of solutions,” the federation explained.

The FWA also said that, whereas agriculture is a producer of greenhouse gas, Wallonia’s farming model presents a “rather favourable balance sheet”.

Agriculture is responsible for a quarter of the greenhouse gases produced worldwide, but in Wallonia the farm sector produces only 13%, FWA said this was because we have an extensive model, farming closely tied to the grasslands.

It also stressed the role of permanent carbon pits that permanent grasslands play.

FWA is organizing an information day in Gembloux on 10 April for 12-18 year-olds “to discuss agriculture with them and particularly its impact on climate.”

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