Guide published to identify the first signs of sexual harassment

Guide published to identify the first signs of sexual harassment

A new tool in the battle against sexual harassment has been launched in the form of a guide to help identify the signs, Le Soir reported on Tuesday.
The guide, developed by European feminist collective "Period", explains how to root out the signs of harassment as quickly as possible.

Called "It's not that grey", a reference to the so-called "grey zone", the guide was published thanks to the support of the German MEP Terry Reintke and can be accessed online.

In the form of a warning system, the collective has identified four categories, in which several signs may be recognized.

These areas concern environmental risk factors (environments with important power interests, a strong sexist culture, asymmetrical relations), the "good guy" syndrome (someone's good reputation makes it more complicated to express a concern regarding that person), common harassment techniques (ill-placed compliments, blowing hot and cold, isolating the target, etc.), one's own reactions (convincing oneself that it's not that serious, keeping quiet about it, etc.).

The aim is for every reader to establish their own system, in terms of her own personal limitations. One element alone does not automatically mean harassment; it comes down, however, to throwing light early enough on possible indicators.

Furthermore, "the sexual component of harassment often comes into it quite late", said author Juliette Sanchez-Lambert. "It is psychological harassment in the first instance".

The guide may be accessed online at this address:

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