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    Public charging posts in Brussels delayed


    Plans to introduce 20 public charging posts in Brussels by the end of April have faced delays after the region failed to consider the location of the city’s electricity network. “The positions that were requested by the municipalities as the ideal spots for a charging post were mainly of a strategic nature,” said Mathias Dobbels, spokesperson of Brussels’ Minister of Mobility Pascal Smet to Bruzz.

    “They didn’t take into account the network of Sibelga, the network operator. This resulted in the charging stations not connecting to the network at the chosen points. Together with the municipalities and supplier PitPoint, we are currently looking at where the new charging points can be placed,” he added.

    The delays will not take long to resolve. “We expect that they can be installed around May or June. If the region had been fully authorized, we would not have had to consult with each municipality individually, and it would have been faster,” Dobbels said.

    By the end of 2019, an additional 80 charging posts are planned to give the Brussels region a total of 100 public charging posts.
    So far, there are still only four public charging points in Brussels.

    Maïthé Chini
    The Brussels Times