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    Court opens investigation into Brussels ‘cannabis hunt’

    © Cannabis Social Club Brussels
    © Cannabis Social Club Brussels

    A ‘treasure hunt’ will take place in the La Cambre forest on 20 April, using various bags of CBD cannabis, on Easter weekend.

    The ‘hunt’ is organised by the Cannabis Social Club Brussels, who will hide 50 small bags filled with a total of 100 grams of cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis, which lacks the narcotic substances normally found in the drug, reports Bruzz. Participants can look for the bags via an app.

    Following the announcement of the so-called ‘cannabis hunt’, the Brussels public prosecutor has opened an investigation into the event for incitement to use drugs in groups. “The incitement to use cannabis is illegal. People who do this risk a prison sentence that can run up to twenty years,” said Stéphanie Lagasse of the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

    She adds that while the sale of cannabidiol is not subject to the laws of drug trafficking, it still has to comply with several laws related to public health and taxation.

    According to the organisers, who are arguing for cannabis legalisation, the hunt will not take place in the forest, but on a private terrain. The Brussels Cannabis Day will take place in the La Cambre forest at the same time.

    Maïthé Chini
    The Brussels Times