Police investigation launched into Brussels wedding procession
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    Police investigation launched into Brussels wedding procession

    The Brussels police have launched an investigation into a wedding procession that disrupted car traffic at the Porte de Namur, a traffic-heavy crossing in the South-East of Brussels.

    The investigation started after N-VA politician Theo Francken posted a tweet that included a video in which a wedding procession of luxury cars honked loudly and hindered traffic.

    “Anti-social nonsense,” he tweeted. The police said they were not aware of the procession and that they will investigate when the video was made exactly. “If you have more information, you can always send it to us,” said spokesman Olivier Slosse to Het Laatste Nieuws.

    Sarah Vandecruys, head of cabinet of Brussels mayor Philippe Close, responded to the incident and referred to recent figures from the police. No fewer than 129 warnings were drafted during three actions at fourteen wedding presidencies. “This type of situation cannot continue and is being addressed,” she said.

    Maïthé Chini
    The Brussels Times