Belgian police to get radar guns

Belgian police to get radar guns
Just like the French Gendarmes, Belgian police officers will soon be able to catch speeding motorists with their radar guns

The chances of getting caught when speeding could rise with the delivery of the first handheld speed radar guns to Belgium's police departments later this year. While official approval is still pending, police commissioners already know that they will equip motorbike squads with the new tech. In addition to the radar gun, police zones are being equipped with NK7 infrared speed cameras hidden in wheelie bins.

The Belgian authorities and police continue to crack down on speeding. In addition to the conventional speed cameras, Lidar systems and mobile speed cameras, regions are installing average speed check zones on major motorways and roads. To tackle speeding on local and smaller roads, Belgian police zones will be equipped later this year with handheld speed radar guns.

"We're waiting for the green light from the three Regions and the federal government. The official approval process is very complex", says Michel Niezen, CEO of Sirien. The Belgian company assembles the Trucam II radar gun that will be part of the standard equipment in the police zones.

"This impressive tool will allow us to react quickly to any speeding complaints in the neighbourhood. We'll always have a radar gun on one of our motorbikes", says Bertrand Caroy, traffic manager at the Boraine police zone. When a motorist is caught speeding, the hand-held device can print a photo and a detailed receipt of the traffic violation.

The NK7 is quickly becoming the police's favourite speed camera. Distributed by Belgian company Securoad, the device can scan up to six lanes of traffic going both ways. Furthermore, it uses an infrared camera and doesn't need any flash. This impressive speed camera can be placed on a tripod, hidden in an unmarked car or even in a wheelie bin.

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