Calls made for a cross regional mobility pact for Brussels

Calls made for a cross regional mobility pact for Brussels

Unizo, the organisation of smaller independent entrepreneurs, wants an inter-regional mobility pact for the province of Vlaams-Brabant, the Brussels region and the growing area around it. Traffic jams and mobility problems are still growing around Brussels' capital. "We need a policy with clear goals for the mobility of the future", says Elke Tielemans, director of Unizo Vlaams-Brabant and Brussels.

"That's mobility that makes the future livable for all inhabitants and is contributing to the economy", Tielemans adds. "Our mobility is under pressure. There are traffic jams, public transport not capable of being reliable and unsafe situations for bike-riders and pedestrians."

"We need a transportation system where the user chooses the transport mode that suits him best. The entrepreneur has to have qualitative and efficient alternatives for the car."

A good mobility infrastructure doesn't stop at the region's border. That's why Unizo wants an inter-regional mobility pact with clear and concrete goals. "Changing from one transport mode to another has to be easy, tickets and fares have to be the same."

"The Regional Express Network (GEN or RER in Dutch or French) has to become operational at last, for quicker connections between the centre and the suburbs. The sharing of cars and bikes has to be made far more attractive for companies."

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