No police station planned for Boulevard Anspach

No police station planned for Boulevard Anspach

The pedestrian zone of Boulevard Anspach will not have a new police office, according to the new plans for the centre.

The city administration announced in 2017 that a new police office would be opened on the newly redeveloped Boulevard Anspach, while the local police would move to a new headquarters in the De Ligne building.

The new office would have been part of the Brussels police reform that was announced in 2014, which intended to create a police that would permanently be present and visible in the centre.

The plans for the office on the pedestrian zone have been abandoned, confirmed mayor Philippe Close (PS). “I want more agents on the street, not in the office,” he said. “We have to look for the most efficient way to guarantee the security in the centre, and I do not think it is by opening a new office,” he added.

In total, around 230 million euros are put aside for the reform. In addition to 200 more recruits, the zone will focus on digitisation and the expansion of the visibility of the police.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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