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    Lime to equip Brussels’ e-scooters with drunk-detection

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Lime, the Californian company that developed the free-floating electric scooters in the city of Brussels, is thinking about introducing a drunk-rider detection system to slow down the scooter and protect pedestrians and other road users.

    “What our users enjoy, is the flexibility that this means of transport offers and the huge availability of e-scooters in every crucial part of the city. Since the launch, there has been a continuous and safe service, despite the weather,” declared Lime Benelux General Manager, Benjamin Barnathan.

    Drunk riding

    Yet, despite a clean-sheet in term of service, Lime, like many other free-floating shared scooters companies, is experiencing some difficulties in terms of safety. In Belgium, the most accident-prone time for e-scooter riders and pedestrians comes when the bars close. Many prefer the scooter over walking. When drunk, this can have dramatic consequences.

    Detection system for safety

    “Our scooters are all equipped with sensors that can detect whether the rider goes in a straight line. We can warn them first, we could even slow them down. We are still working on it,” declared Lime Co-founder and Executive President, Brad Bao.

    The company’s plan is to reduce the speed at which the scooter drives, thus reducing the risk of injuries in case of a collision or a fall. When used normally, Lime e-scooters can reach speeds of up to 24 km/hour and have a range of about 20 km.

    The Brussels Times/Belga