‘Racist’ murders survivor wants to rename Schaerbeek street after victims
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    ‘Racist’ murders survivor wants to rename Schaerbeek street after victims

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    121 Vanderlinden Street in Schaerbeek
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    Kenza Isnani, whose parents Habiba and Ahmed were shot dead by a militant far-right neighbour, is seeking to rename part of the Schaerbeek street in which the murders unfolded after her deceased parents.

    “May 7 is always a difficult date for me (…) It’s hard for me to do this but I think it’s necessary,” Kenza told BX1 on Tuesday.

    On May 7 2002, 79-year-old Hendrik Vyt broke into the Isnani family’s home at night, shooting and killing both parents and wounding two of their five children, before setting the building on 121 Vanderlinden street on fire.

    Vyt, who was shot dead by police after the murders, was known for his adherence to extreme right-wing views and his support of far-right political figures, such as France’s Jean-Marie Le Pen or Vlaams Belang’s Johan Demol.

    “It was hard for me to insist on the racist aspect of this tragedy,” she said, adding that what had happened was not a simple strife between neighbours.

    Kenza will present the proposal to rename a section of Vanderlinden street after both her parents on May 8 to Schaerbeek’s town council.

    “I want to pay homage to my parents … This was not an ordinary death,” she said.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times