“Schuman project is a mess without alternatives”

“Schuman project is a mess without alternatives”
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After the Shuman roundabout project took another step last week, mayor Vincent De Wolf of Etterbeek commune gives his opinion about the new infrastructure to be built in his municipality. According to him, decisions were made without consultancy and reducing the driving lanes from three to one will lead to kilometres of traffic jams up to the neighbouring municipality of Evere.

As part of Brussels’Good Move mobility plan, the Shuman roundabout, boarding the European Union’s offices, will be transformed in the upcoming years. The construction permit demand has been filed and, if accepted, works should start early 2020. But not everyone is agreeing with the project, especially Etterbeek’s municipality mayor, Vincent De Wolf.

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‘More traffic jams’

According to the mayor the roundabout project will push all congestion to the adjacent neighbourhood. He bases his argument on the city’s traffic management program, Musti. “The Musti program allows us to measure the level of congestion. According to this tool, the new project will create kilometres of traffic jams at rush hours, and they will go up to Evere. This creates issues in terms of air quality, noise and quality of life for citizens. Imagine the nightmare the Shuman population will live in,” said Vincent De Wolf.

Upside down

According to the politician, decisions were made the wrong way and without consultancy, resulting in a mess of a project. Alternatives should have been created before the roundabout modification. “It’s a trap for motorists and, according to me, things have been done the wrong way round,” he explained.

“I find it irresponsible to think about such a project without taking into account the impact on Brussels citizens, we will file an appeal.” added the Etterbeek mayor.

For its part, the Mobility Minister’s Cabinet (Pascal Smet, Sp.A) reminds Brussels citizens of the objective of the ‘Good Move plan’. “It is to offer space for everyone and sooth the neighbourhood so that traffic is better organized and all users find their account,” declared the cabinet.

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