E-motorbikes to be placed on Brussels streets this summer

E-motorbikes to be placed on Brussels streets this summer

Brussels will see the launch of a new free-floating shared service called YodaCity this Summer. Following the many shared bicycles, electric bicycles, e-scooters, and cars, the free-floating shared mobility services in Brussels sees another addition.

The new start-up YodaCity will bring its small electric vehicle – resembling a crossing between a motorbike and a mountain bicycle – to the Belgian capital city.

The new start-up offers small electric motorbikes/bicycles for rent. Depending on the users’ driving license, speed is limited to 25 or 45 km/h.
Baptized e-motorbike by its creators, the little white vehicle is a sort of a speed-pedelec. Except that on it, users won’t do much pedaling. Its top speed varies depending on the users’ driving license.

Absence of any license would limit the e-motorbike to 25 km/h while users with a motorbike or car license will be able to drive at speeds up to 45 km/h.

Once seated on the vehicle, the user makes use of a phone holder that will also act as a phone charger. In addition, depending on the speeds, YodaCity’s e-motorbikes will be provided with helmets.

To ride on a YodaCity, users pay one euro to start a ride. For the rest of the journey, prices are set at 25 cents a minute, such as any other shared scooter or bicycle.

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