A guide to Brussels Pride this weekend

A guide to Brussels Pride this weekend
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The Belgian Pride parade will take place on May 18 in the capital, and is expected to impact vehicle traffic as well as bring some public transport lines to a halt for a large part of the day.

On Saturday, transport lines that cut through the parade’s path will not operate from 14:30 until 19:00, and lines on rue Ravenstein will be interrupted from Saturday midday.

Parking will be restricted inside the city from Friday, and car-owners are asked to respect the restrictions to avoid having their vehicles towed away.

The parade is set to depart at 14:30 from rue Ravenstein, between the Parc Royal and Brussel Gare Centrale station, and will march through the city centre towards its final destination in Place de la Justice, where it is expected to arrive at around 18:00.

Several avenues will be closed-off to circulation, and the parade’s perimeter will be restrained to vehicles.

“Residents and shop owners will be able to leave the city centre under exceptional circumstances,” via four specially-designated exit-points placed around the parade’s perimeter, according to the event’s website.

Some of the spots the parade is expected to pass through are the Boulevard de l’Emperatrice, the Rue des Fripiers, the Place Saint-Jean and the Carrefour de l’Europe.

Gabriela Galindo
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