Disaster drill at Brussels Airport planned for Saturday

Disaster drill at Brussels Airport planned for Saturday

Brussels Airport will organise its biannual large-scale disaster drill on Saturday afternoon in collaboration with the fire department, Flemish Brabant province, the Red Cross and the police, the airport’s management said on Friday. This type of exercise is mandated by law and is part of the airport’s emergency plan. In the last exercise, held in December 2017, the scenario simulated was that of a serious accident involving an airliner.

The plane was supposed to have slammed into Terminal A, was losing kerosene on the tarmac and carried dangerous material. The pitch also stated that there were dead and severely injured people both on board the plane and in the terminal, both of which had to be evacuated.

Some 250 persons took part in the exercise, including about 100 extras who were cast mainly in the role of victims.

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