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    Brussels businesses to embrace zero-waste

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    © Pexels

    Twelve businesses in Brussels, including supermarket chains, hotels and restaurants will receive a public grant to help them make the transition into a zero-waste business model.

    The businesses, selected from a pool of 51 candidates, will receive a public grant from the Brussels region to support their zero-waste projects, ranging from €2,500€ to €15,000.

    “This proves that more and more businesses are willing to commit to zero-waste, not only to respond to consumer demands, but also to public policies — which are increasingly embracing a preventive approach to waste,” a statement by Brussels Environnement reads.

    Five grocers and supermarket chains from different Brussels municipalities were amongst the businesses selected, such as organic supermarket chain Färm, which has six shops in Brussels, as well as Forests’ La Vivrière or Uccle’s Bio Vrac.

    The grocery projects include creating washing stations to phase out wrappings and other disposable waste, as well as handling more products in bulk and making their stock and inventory processes more efficient.

    The other establishments, belonging to the food and service industry, will swap disposable take-away recipients and utensils with reusable ones or will serve homemade drinks instead of bottled beverages.

    Some of these businesses include a salad-bar in the European quarter, a youth hostel in the city in the vicinity of Saint-Joos and restaurants in municipalities like Schaerbeek, Molenbeek, Etterbeek and Saint-Gilles.

    The Brussels Times