New Brussels highway code favours pedestrians

New Brussels highway code favours pedestrians

New traffic regulations, including new rules for vulnerable road users and electric scooters, will take effect starting from 31 May. The most notable regulation is the 'square green', which means all bicyclists and pedestrians at crossroads will get a green light at the same time, while motorists have to wait.

Crossroads that use this system are equipped with traffic lights that show arrows around the cyclist or pedestrian's silhouette. The aim is to avoid contact between vulnerable road users, and cars and trucks, preventing blind spot accidents.

The maximum permitted speed for electric scooters, wheelchairs and hoverboards has gone up from 18 to 25 kilometres per hour, due to European regulations.

The changes are legally effective from 31 May, but to introduce the 'square green', local authorities will still have to make adjustments to their traffic lights, which could take a while, according to Bruzz.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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