Brussels bomb threat affected more than 600 trains

Brussels bomb threat affected more than 600 trains
One person was injured in a shootout near Brussels' Gare du Nord under circumstances that remain unclear. Credit: © Belga

The bomb threat that was triggered Monday afternoon at Brussels’ Gare du Nord had an impact on more than 600 trains, according to new data.

More than 500 trains were delayed and about 100 had to be cancelled, as can be seen from Infrabel’s data. SNCB states that it is “collecting all the information” about the cost of this incident.

Traffic at Brussels North station and in the North-South junction was interrupted on Monday between 15:00 and 15:27 due to a bomb threat. Traffic was then able to resume, but without marking the stop at the Gare du Nord. Train traffic resumed fully at 15:55. The aftermath of this incident continued into the evening.

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According to Infrabel, 530 trains were delayed (514 passenger trains and 16 freight trains), for a total of 8,283 minutes lost. In addition, 84 trains were totally cancelled and 15 trains were partially cancelled.

The bomb threat also had an impact on tram and bus traffic. The Brussels road tunnels also had to be closed, as the premises of the Brussels Mobility control centre, located in Brussels North, were also evacuated.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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