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Police look for suspect after Molenbeek shootout

Credit: © Belga

Police are actively looking for a suspect involved in a car chase and shootout with the police in the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek after the subject ran over a police officer as he made his escape.

The car chase started at around 20:30 on Sunday, when the man, who was under an arrest warrant, tried to escape a police unit who had identified him as he was driving in heavy traffic.

In an attempt to lose the police patrol, the suspect broke out from traffic, hitting a parked car and later running over a police officer as he went on the sidewalk to drive off.

Police chased the suspect and shots were fired in Boulevard Jubile, near the Tour & Taxis area of the Brussels municipality.

The police officer who was hit by the suspect’s car was examined by a medical practitioner.

The car, which was hit by a police bullet on the windshield, was found abandoned after the chase.

Law enforcement authorities are still actively looking for the suspect, and the Brussels prosecutor office confirmed that two investigations have been opened, one of which for attempted murder.

The Brussels Times