Five injured in Brussels rooftop event during thunderstorm

Five injured in Brussels rooftop event during thunderstorm
A manslaughter investigation was launched after a body was found near the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre. Credit: Google Street View

Five people were injured after heavy winds blew away parts of a tent during a rooftop event in Docks Bruxsel shopping mall.

The incident took place at around 21:00, at around the same time an intense thunderstorm hit the Belgian capital with strong winds, heavy showers and hail.

"A tent from an event being held on the rooftop of the Docks shopping mall was partially blown away by the wind," Walter Derieuw, a spokesperson for the fire brigade told BX1.

Five people in total sustained light injuries and two of them were transferred to the hospital.

Upon their arrival, emergency respondents moved the event's participants to the inside of the mall, located in the northern Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek.

Tuesday's thunderstorm caused several incidents across the municipalities of the Belgian capital, with fire and emergency response services called to intervene a total of 11 times during the evening.

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