Power outage hits Brussels, Molenbeek streets

Power outage hits Brussels, Molenbeek streets
The Quai des Péniches was one of eight streets in Brussels hit by a power outage. Credit: Google Street View

Four streets in the Brussels and Molenbeek municipalities are currently without electricity supply after a power outage on Wednesday morning caused disruptions in the grid.

The power outage was first reported at around 8:11 AM and concerned eight streets in total: Allée Verte, Quai de Willebroeck, Quai des Péniches, Rue de la Dyle, Avenue du Port, Place des Armateurs, Quai des Matériaux and Rue Picard.

Shortly before 9:00 AM, Sibelga said that electricity had been reestablished in the last four streets, but announced that it would take longer to solve the problem in the areas still affected.

“The problem is, unfortunately, taking longer to resolve,” Sibelga said, adding that the problem would “probably” be resolved at around 10:41 AM, after it had initially said the problem would be fixed an hour earlier.

A total of 24 high-tension cables were down, and 16 have already been fixed.

The causes behind the outage were not made clear by Sibelga.

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