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    Whit Monday: what’s open in Brussels?

    Restaurants, museums and shopping malls are some of the venues which will remain open in Brussels on Pentecost Monday. Credit: Unsplash

    Whit Monday falls on June 10 this year, marking this month’s first weekday bank holiday, as many employees get to spend it away from the office.

    Here is what will be open and closed in Brussels on June 10.

    Most banks and public administration offices will be closed today, and no mail or packages will be distributed by the post, as postal offices will remain closed throughout the day.

    Some postal services will, however, be available in certain supermarkets offering the service, as some will remain open today.

    Major food retailers such as Carrefour and Delhaize will keep some of their shops open today following Sunday opening in areas like Flagey, Saint-Gilles and the city centre.

    Although the majority of shops in the city’s major shopping lanes, such as Rue Neuve and Avenue de la Toison d’Or will remain shut on Monday.

    A number of restaurants and cafés around the city will also be open for those looking to grab a bite, such as some in the Parvis de Saint Gilles, as well as some food chains like Exki and several fast-food restaurants.

    Many museums will also welcome visitors, such as the Magritte Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences or the Villa-O-Parfum.

    Whit Monday, also known as Pentecost Monday, also marks Art Nouveau Day, with the Art Nouveau Network this year focusing on Art Nouveau staircases.

    Although most public pools will be closed, some of Brussels’ many parks and green spaces are open for a stroll.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times