Riding an e-scooter through tunnel is ‘suicide’, road safety spokesperson says
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    Riding an e-scooter through tunnel is ‘suicide’, road safety spokesperson says

    Two people aboard an e-scooter and a bike were recently caught on film going through a traffic tunnel in Brussels. Credit: Facebook screengrab

    Riding a bike or an electric scooter through a traffic tunnel is an extremely dangerous feat, a spokesperson for road safety institute VIAS said, after two people were filmed whizzing through a Brussels tunnel on their respective two-wheelers.

    “It’s suicide!” Benoît Godart, a spokesperson with VIAS, told La Libre. “An e-scooter going at 20 km/h alongside cars going at 50 km/h — or more, because the speed limitations are not always respected in that tunnel.”

    On Sunday, a man was caught riding an e-scooter through the Porte de Halle tunnel in Brussels, causing surprised drivers to swerve to avoid hitting him.

    A different person was seen riding a bicycle on Tuesday through the Botanique, Rogier and Léopold II tunnels all the way to the Basilique de Koekelberg.

    According to Godart, the individuals “should have known” that riding through a car-only tunnel is forbidden, and that e-scooters or bikes that can go above 20 km/h must still ride only on cycle lanes.

    Brussels police will reportedly use the images to identify the traffic offenders, who can risk a fine of up to €58.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times