Brussels publishes list of plastic banned at events

Brussels publishes list of plastic banned at events
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The Brussels-City council has published a list of plastic items which it intends to ban from organised events from the end of this month.

The previous municipal council of Brussels-City passed a new law in September last year regulating the use of single-use plastic, to come into effect on 1 July. The new list specifies exactly which articles are covered by the ban. It also provides suggested alternatives for the banned articles.

As expected, plastic plates, cups and straws are high on the list. Alternatives proposed include re-usable beakers and plates made of sugar-cane. Instead of plastic cutlery, the list suggests knives and forks made of bamboo or wood. Even children’s balloons are covered: balloons and balloon-holders made of plastic are no longer allowed, and much be replaced with the equivalent made of 100% biodegradable materials.

The list also includes a category of products to be avoided if possible, but not banned outright. That list includes plastic drinks bottles, cable-ties, pre-packaged items and cigarette filters.

The new list is intended to bring organisers of events in the city up to speed on the council’s ambitions for sustainability, explained the councillor for public waste, Zoubida Jellab (Ecolo).

That ambition is also included in the new majority agreement, making the capital a pioneer in the area of zero waste,” she told Belga news agency.

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