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    Deliveroo couriers not considered employees, court says

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    A Brussels Labour Court has invalidated a decision by the Administrative Commission for Employment Regulation (CRT) that delivery work for Deliveroo should be considered as “employment” and not an independent activity.

    “The Administrative Commission for Employment Regulation (CRT) could not make a decision because the social inspection was, and still is, in progress,” the court said.

    “On this basis, CRT’s decision is to be considered as invalid and should be cancelled,” Deliveroo’s spokesperson Rudolph Van Nuffel told Belga on Wednesday.

    The Platform that organizes meal delivery via two-wheel vehicles took action last April before Brussels’ Labour Court against two former deliverymen who had appealed to the CRT. The couriers had requested CRT’s opinion on the exact relationship between Deliveroo and its independent workers. CRT concluded that the work was more like that of an employee than a truly independent activity.

    In 2017, Deliveroo changed its employment policy by deciding to only use self-employed delivery people and not to renew contracts of former couriers, which many contested.

    The Brussels Times