Belgium in Brief: Radioactive garbage, US bombs and vandalism of the far-right

Belgium in Brief: Radioactive garbage, US bombs and vandalism of the far-right

Revelations break that Brussels stores U.S. nukes, radioactive garbage is found in Brussels ( not for the first time) and the headquarters of a far-right party in Belgium gets a new coat of paint.

Here’s a recap of the news you should know in Belgium this morning:

1. NATO document confirms US nuclear bombs stored in Belgium

A document published by NATO and redacted last week confirms that Belgium is one of several European countries storing hundreds of United States nuclear bombs, doing away with years of neither confirm nor deny policy by the federal authorities, local media reported Tuesday. Read more.

2. Far-right party headquarters hit by vandalism, leader calls out ‘tolerant left’

The entrance to the Brussels headquarters of Flemish far-right party Vlaams Belang was covered in paint overnight, prompting the party’s chairman to denounce the “tolerant left” as he shared the news on Tuesday. Read more.

3. Molenbeek police attack: officer to remain suspended

The four-month suspension of a Molenbeek policeman who attacked an arrested man has been reinstated, overturning a decision last week that deemed the penalty too heavy, according to reports on Tuesday. Read more.

4. New bus stops announced in Brussels Nord station

Authorities have given the green light for the construction of new bus stops outside Brussels’ Gare du Nord, which would replace the current stops located inside the station’s building, according to reports. Read more.

5. Radioactive substances found in the garbage in Brussels

Waste with more radioactive material than the safety threshold allows was collected on 11 July in Brussels, triggering a safety procedure. Garbage collectors dropped off waste at the incinerator of Neder-over-Heembeek that had a radioactivity level of 26 microsieverts, well above the safety threshold of 20 microsieverts. Read more

6. Child free after being trapped in an escalator at Gare du Nord

A child’s foot was caught between steps on an escalator at Gare du Nord this morning. The escalator stopped immediately, and emergency services were contacted, but the child had to be sedated while the rescue was undertaken. Read more.

7. Thousands to take a summer dip at first outdoor swimming weekend in Brussels

Thousands of people have already signed up for an outdoor swim in a natural swimming spot in Brussels this weekend, as part of the first trial swim in the city’s ponds and lakes organised by enthusiasts of an outdoor splash. Read more.

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