Belgian Heatwave: STIB allows staff to wear shorts

Belgian Heatwave: STIB allows staff to wear shorts
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Brussels transport operator STIB has broken convention and allowed staff to wear shorts to work until Friday, the company announced.

While the STIB uniform does not include shorts, “all drivers are exceptionally allowed to wear their shorts, at least until Friday,” said spokeswoman An Van Hamme

However, with temperatures up to 38.9 degrees on Wednesday – and possibly higher on Thursday – this isn’t the only thing STIB is doing to help drivers and customers beat the heat.

“We always use as many vehicles with air conditioning as possible in the summer,” explained Van Hamme. “The timetable is somewhat wider during the summer holidays, so we can move with vehicles.”

All buses now have air conditioning, three-quarters of the trams too, but the same cannot be said for the metro.

The underground system has no air conditioning for passengers and only gives it to the driver on the modern trains operating on the 1 and 5 lines.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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