Brussels to create list of e-scooter no-parking zones

Brussels to create list of e-scooter no-parking zones
Brussels will seek to regulate the disorderly parking of electric scooters. Credit: The Brussels Times

Brussels officials have called upon municipalities to designate areas where e-scooter parking will be prohibited, in preparation for region-wide mobility regulations.

Brussels Mobility has asked for lists of places where the wayward parking of the scooters hamper other types of mobility in an area or have other negative impacts, the outlet reports, according to BX1.

With an increasing number of operators arriving in Brussels, some municipalities have already taken the lead and implemented measures targetting companies for the unruly use or parking of their dockless scooters.

In July, the major of Uccle said it would sanction providers whose parked scooters were found blocking street markers for the visually impaired.

In an attempt to limit the nuisances caused by e-scooters scattered across Ixelles, special parking spots for the units popped up in some areas of the municipality.

Regional authorities in June had already hinted that a region-wide policy to target the problem was in the works, with some reports saying that e-scooter parking could be banned from touristic or busy areas, such as the Grand Place.

The regional measures would see e-scooter operators fined if their units occupy a no-parking zone for more than 24 hours.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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