New campaign to tackle harassment at Brussels Summer Festival

New campaign to tackle harassment at Brussels Summer Festival
An anti-harassment campaign will be rolled out during the latest edition of the Brussels Summer Festival. Credit: © Belga

Organisers at Brussels Summer Festival will seek to tackle harassment for the latest edition of the music festival, with a special campaign rolled out as the event kicks off on Wednesday.

A communication campaign crafted by anti-harassment group Touche Pas A Ma Pote (French for "Do not touch my friend") will seek to provide guidance and information to festivalgoers, according to Brussels alderwoman for culture Delphine Houba.

The NGO will seek to advise festivalgoers on how to react to incidents of harassment, as well as inform them of the fines and legal penalties offenders risk, according to BX1.

Festival representative Mélina Bouillez worked with the NGO on the campaign, and said that she hoped that the festival's visibility would contribute to tackling "inappropriate behaviour" well-beyond festival grounds.

Brussels Summer Festival is set to kick off on Wednesday and last through 18 August, and will take place in various spots of the city, including the Mont des Arts and the Place des Palais.

Gabriela Galindo

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