Interior of Brussels City Hall covered with flowers

Interior of Brussels City Hall covered with flowers
Decorations inside Brussels City Hall during Flowertime 2015. Credit: MPhotographe

Brussels City Hall will be decorated with flowers from 14 to 18 August as part of a Brussels flower show.

Flowertime, which takes place in Brussels every second summer, brings together floral artists from all over the world to decorate Brussels City Hall. For its fourth edition, the theme is “a world of floral emotions”.

Visitors will enter Brussels City Hall through a tunnel made of 500 fuchsia flowers, after which they will have the opportunity to visit 13 rooms that have been decorated with flowers.

Visitors between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM will be able to take the tour while enjoying the music of the Jose Luis Montiel Moreno trio.

As part of Flowertime, Manneken Pis will be dressed in a pair of floral dungarees until 16 August.

Evie McCullough 

The Brussels Times

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