Deadly attack in Saint-Gilles: family issue call for witnesses
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    Deadly attack in Saint-Gilles: family issue call for witnesses

    Rue de la Victoire, Saint-Gilles. Credit: Google Street View

    The family of a man who died – presumably as a result of a violent attack in Saint-Gilles – has called on witnesses to come forward as authorities investigate the incident.

    A 27-year-old unidentified man was found semi-conscious in Rue de la Victoire, in the Brussels municipality on Sunday night.

    The man died from his injuries, collapsing on the street after he reportedly attempted to leave the hospital where he was admitted, according to Bruzz.

    “My brother was found semi-conscious but we don’t know the exact circumstances,” the man’s sister said to La Capitale newspaper.

    “He was reported to have been attacked at around 10:30 PM, after which witnesses called the emergency services,” she said, adding that her brother was thought to have died of internal bleeding after leaving the hospital at around 5:00 AM on Monday.

    The public prosecutor has opened an investigation into the incident, and the victim’s family have issued a call for witnesses via the French-speaking outlet.

    “On Saturday, my brother was wearing a black Adidas cardigan, light jeans and sneakers. He has curly, brown hair and is athletic,” the victim’s sister told the outlet.

    The Brussels Times