Brussels pledges millions for additional cycle paths

Brussels pledges millions for additional cycle paths
Biking in Brussels/ © - Eric Danhier 2017

A new million-euro budget to fast-track the creation of more bicycle infrastructure in Brussels has been approved by local authorities, city officials announced Monday.

A total of €2.6 million euro has been freed up for the rolling-out of more cycle lanes in Brussels, Mobility Alderman Bart Dhont said on Monday.

“We chose to free up the budget first because it takes a while to appoint contractors,” Dhont told Bruzz.

An additional €200,000 will also serve to install around 500 more bicycle parking racks throughout Brussels, which the alderman said would be “of the sturdy type.”

The announcement is expected to set in motion a new bicycle plan, with a public tender expected to be launched to begin infrastructure works.

Local officials said they will unveil more information about the city’s bicycle plan, including where the new bike lanes will be created, in the next two weeks.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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