Brussels municipality to remove road-blocking flower pots after resident outcry

Brussels municipality to remove road-blocking flower pots after resident outcry
After resident outcry, municipal authorities in Forest will free up a road junction blocked with giant flower pots. Credit: Bad Move Forest 1190/Facebook

Huge flower pots placed on the road to block drivers from using a complex junction in Forest will be removed after authorities were faced with backlash from local residents and politicians.

As part of a temporary test to improve traffic circulation in the area, municipal authorities used large flower pots to keep drivers from using an intersection on Forest's Avenue Kersbeek.

The test, put in place in August for a duration of six months, was faced with rapid backlash from local residents, who launched a petition to have them removed which gathered at least 900 signatures.

Additionally, a Facebook page called "Bad Move Forest" was created, where hundreds of people shared updates about the situation and organised their opposition to the measure.

The measure drew criticism from shop owners in the area in particular, who complained that their businesses suffered as a result of the road blockage.

"Half of my customers have disappeared since the start of the test," pharmacist Muriele Stockemer said, according to Bruzz, saying the move had left their shop "isolated."

After opposition parties joined in on the outcry, Forest officials backtracked on their decision, and announced they would organise a meeting with local residents to find a long-term solution.

Drivers will be allowed to use the roads in the intersection while officials work out an alternative solution.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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