Belgium in Brief: Star Wars in Brussels, spelling mistakes in Ghent and beer in the Parliament

Belgium in Brief: Star Wars in Brussels, spelling mistakes in Ghent and beer in the Parliament

Road signs with a spelling mistake go up in Ghent, Belgian dairy reacts to a vegan campaign and the Flemish Parliament gets a massive beer shipment.

Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed this morning:

1. ‘Road signs with spelling mistake cause embarrassment in Ghent

Road signs with a common spelling mistake in the Dutch language announcing road construction works have been spotted across the city of Ghent. Read more.

2. Star Wars star on lost dog in Brussels: if anyone has seen him, 'we will put you in the movie'

Whoever helps find a lost dog last seen in Brussels' Parc Royal could get to appear in a new movie by Leo Carax being filmed in Brussels, Hollywood film star Adam Driver said. Read more.

3. ‘Worrying’ trend sees record-high in number of cyclists killed in road accidents

The number of deadly road accidents in Belgium rose during the first half of 2019, marking a “worrying” upset of a years-long downward trend and a new record high for cyclist deaths. Read more.

4. Dozens of beer boxes block the Flemish Parliament entrance in Brussels on Thursday morning

Dozens of beer boxes were placed in front of the Flemish Parliament in Brussels on Thursday morning, blocking the entrance. Read more.

5. ‘Milk is deadly’ vegan campaign draws criticism from Belgian dairy industry

The Belgian Dairy industry has criticised a new advertising campaign by BE Vegan which centres around the idea that milk is responsible for the death of 150,000 Belgian calves every year. Read more.

6. Flemish people to have ‘reserved’ properties in Brussels Periphery

The new Flemish government wants to reserve plots of land for Flemish residents in the Brussels Periphery in order to safeguard their “right to live in their own region.” Read more.

7. Disaster-alert system to be tested in six Brussels municipalities on Thursday

Six Brussels municipalities on Thursday will take part in a nationwide test of an alert system which aims to notify citizens directly in the case of a disaster. Launched as a pilot project in 2014, BE-Alert is meant to offer authorities an alternative way of alerting citizens in addition to messages on social and mass media. Read more.

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