Residents in Brussels want more 30 km/h zones

Residents in Brussels want more 30 km/h zones
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Three out of four Brussels residents would prefer quieter neighbourhoods with less cars or cars that would drive slower (30 km/h), according to a new survey conducted by Brussels Mobility.

75% are also willing to make less room for cars if this space is used for public transportation, bike paths and comfortable pavements. 

Over 8,000 citizens submitted their remarks via an online survey and at meetings with Brussels Mobility.

After a first general analysis, Brussels Mobility noted that citizens agree in principle with the “Good Move” proposals but do express concern on how to successfully achieving the actions.

“Three out of four participants are willing to give up space for cars if it is used for public transportation, bike paths and comfortable pavements,” Brussels Minister for Mobility, Elke Van den Brandt, said. 

Preliminary findings also revealed that 71% would prefer to live in a quiet and safe wooded area, with more space for neighbourhood activities, even if it means less parking space on the street. 

76% would like less public transit vehicles going through residential neighbourhoods, possible by putting in place a traffic plan and developing road planning.

Eight in ten (79%) agree to use their personal car less in favour of walking or using multimodal transportation to get around the city.

The same proportion (81%) would be willing to try a multimodal mobility offer should their employer suggest they test for free. 

Finally, 75% are prepared to combine several modes of travel to save on travelling time at peak hours. 

Brussels Mobility now has 30 days to send the results of the public inquiry to Brussels Parliament.

They will be analysed and will contribute to the completion of the draft regional mobility plan, which will then be finally approved by the government by the end of 2019.

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