Bundles of cash hidden throughout Brussels by anonymous YouTuber

Bundles of cash hidden throughout Brussels by anonymous YouTuber
The man says up to €150 in cash are hidden every Sunday in different parts of Brussels. Credit: Cache Cash/YouTube

Brussels residents are turning up stones, rummaging through bushes and scouring the streets in the hopes of finding bundles of banknotes, stashed throughout the city by one anonymous YouTuber.

A Brussels man who set up a YouTube channel called Cache Cash (a play on words with the French name given to the game of hide and seek), is challenging his followers to go on a treasure hunt throughout the city in the hopes of earning some easy cash.

"I hide cash here and there in Brussels (...) the objective is to give participants a reason to smile," the channel's description reads, encouraging viewers to subscribe and to give the videos a thumbs up.

The channel's following base has grown to over 500 since the first video, titled "Welcome to Cash Cache," was uploaded on August 30, announcing that the first scavenger hunt would take place on 14 September.


Since, videos posted once to twice a week show the same man launching new treasure hunts, which offer participants the chance to find €150 every Sunday, the channel's description reads.

Equipped with banknotes, yellow duck tape and bits of recognisable wrappings, such as pieces of branded store bags, the man launches each scavenger hunt with a video in which he walks around a given location and offers hints to viewers seeking to track down the prize.

The man, who does not identify himself in the videos, has taken his "game" to the municipalities of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Auderghem, Saint-Gilles and Schaerbeek.

"This is one and only chain in the world that makes subscribers win money, and not the opposite," the man wrote on YouTube, adding that "all earned funds," presumably through advertising, will be reinvested in the activity.

The man said that as his following grew, so would the cash prizes, announcing he would hide €1,500 when the number of subscribers to his chain reached 1,000, according to BX1.

Gabriela Galindo

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