Works kick off to transform central Brussels square into ‘city garden’

Works kick off to transform central Brussels square into ‘city garden’
A square in downtown Brussels will be transformed into a "city garden" by the spring of 2020. Credit: centreville.bruxelles

The final phase of the redevelopment project of the Brussels pedestrian zone will see a square in the area transformed into an urban garden in an effort to green up the city’s central boulevards.

Works on Place Fontainas kicked off on Monday and are expected to be carried out in three consecutive stages and slated for completion by the spring of 2020, according to Brussels officials.

The works on the square will wrap up the years-long renovation project which saw most vehicle traffic banned from the central Brussels boulevards in order to make room for pedestrian and cycling promenades.

The square, located at the southernmost end of Boulevard Anspach will be turned into a “city garden between different neighbourhoods” of downtown Brussels, according to architectural bureau SUM.

The first stage of the square’s renovation, which will last until December 2019, will focus on the areas on the side of Rue de Charbon and will move to the side of Boulevard Lemonnier in March before finishing on the side of Rue de la Grande Ile around April 2020.

The square’s renovation will conclude a large-scale project which has deeply transformed the heart of downtown Brussels, in a push by local officials toto cut down on air and noise pollution, according to the City of Brussels, which also said the project aimed to “beautify” the area.

The new pedestrian zone will provide new spaces to “pacify the city,” by reintroducing “real public spaces,” into downtown Brussels, which will be feature a total of 3,000 square metres of green areas, up from the previous 200.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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