Brussels Airport hit by power cut, delays reported

Brussels Airport hit by power cut, delays reported
Passengers reported delays and malfunctioning escalators after a power cut hit Brussels Airport. Credit: Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport was hit by a power cut on Wednesday morning, reportedly leading to delays and a string of technical failures at the airport.

The outage took place at around 9 AM, according to passenger reports, causing disturbances which lasted for several hours, with reports at around 11 AM saying the lights were still out.

An airport spokesperson told Het Nieuwsblad that the terminal’s emergency generators had kicked in and that travellers had not been impacted.

But Twitter users reported delayed flights and up periods of up to 30 minutes without electricity, with some reaching out to the airport’s account for updates.

“Flight delayed and power outage in the entire airport, this is awesome,” one user tweeted.

As a result of the cut, some shops and food establishments closed down, with the outlet additionally reporting that several escalators were not running.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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