What is open on 1 November in Brussels?

What is open on 1 November in Brussels?
Some coffee shops, restaurants and movie theatres will welcome costumers on the bank holiday. Credit: Pxhere

Many employees are off work on 1 November, one of several bank holidays throughout that month in Belgium. As many prepare for the long weekend ahead, here is what is open in Brussels on Friday.

Banks, post offices and administration bureaus will remain closed throughout Friday, with some banks running their normal Saturday hours.

Several shops from chains like Carrefour and Delhaize will be opened throughout Brussels on Friday, with some operating with reduced or Sunday hours. Additionally, some independently-run grocers will also open on Friday.

Some fast-food chains and restaurants in central areas, such as Bourse, will also welcome costumers on Friday, but most shops in the area will remain shuttered.

Most shopping malls, such as Docks Bruxsel and City 2 will be shut down on Friday, but cinemas such as UGC will remain open for the public.

While most museums in the city will remain shut down on Friday, the city's parks will remain open for an autumn stroll. Alternatively, some coffee shops in districts like Bailli or Matongé will welcome costumers seeking to cosy up inside instead.

Lastly, concert enthusiasts can choose from a host of live music events throughout venues and concert halls, with performers ranging from the Blue Man Group to an Irish orchestra slated to put on a show on Friday.

Gabriela Galindo

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