Girl (14) in critical condition following CO poisoning in Schaerbeek
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Girl (14) in critical condition following CO poisoning in Schaerbeek

Credit: Wikipedia Commons.

A 14-year-old girl was transferred to the hospital on Tuesday night after emergency services discovered her in critical condition in an apartment in Schaerbeek.

At around 9:15 PM, an ambulance was called for from Avenue Dailly in Schaerbeek.

Emergency services discovered the 14-year-old girl unconscious in the bathroom of the apartment, surrounded by her parents and two neighbours.

A dangerous rate of carbon monoxide, 0.12%, was detected in the air. Exposure to such a high rate of carbon monoxide, even for less than one hour, can be fatal.

Everyone was immediately evacuated from the apartment and the girl was transferred to a hospital for treatment.

All occupants of the building were examined by the doctors on-site. The parents of the teenager as well as a mother and her child were also brought to the hospital.

As well as three ambulances, Sibelga and representatives from the Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Service (SMUR), the police were also at the scene.

After the other apartments in the building were checked, occupants were allowed to re-enter.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times