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Offices evacuated as crane hits building in north Brussels

A wharf crane hit into a building near the canal quays in the north of Brussels on Wednesday. Credit:

A number of offices were evacuated on Wednesday afternoon after a construction crane hit a building near the canal quays in the north of Brussels.

When the crane hit the building, located on the corner of Quai de Willebroeck and the Rue de la Dyle in Brussels, it dislodged several bricks and caused them to fall onto the public road below.

The Brussels fire brigade arrived on the scene at 1:50 PM.

Although a number of bricks fell, nobody was injured.

The offices on the side of the building that was hit by the crane were evacuated. Rue de la Dyle and one lane on Quai de Willebroeck were closed to traffic.

After clearing up any loose bricks that were left on the building, the Brussels fire brigade left the scene at around 3:30 PM, said spokesperson for the Brussels fire department Walter Derieuw, explains BX1.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times