Flanders becomes indirect shareholder in Brussels Airport

Flanders becomes indirect shareholder in Brussels Airport
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Flanders has become an indirect shareholder in Brussels Airport through PMV investment fund, L’Echo and De Tijd report on Friday. 

Flanders indirectly became a shareholder in Brussels-National Airport after Flemish investment company PMV bought a share in it. 

Flanders interest in Zaventem is not coincidental, as the national airport is Belgium’s second biggest economic driver, after the port of Antwerp. 

On top on the usual dividends, L’Echo reports Flanders will therefore also gain some decision power over the national airport. 

This does create a delicate political situation, given the airport’s location. Brussels Airport is in Flemish territory, but is considered as the national airport.

In addition, noise pollution has been a source of dissent between various governments and local associations for years.

PMV’s investment could rekindle the dispute between Brussels and Flanders over noise regulations and flight paths over Brussels.  

Following the investment, the airport’s management is worried political conflict will resurface. 

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