STIB mulls anonymity for ticket inspectors after fare-dodger attack
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STIB mulls anonymity for ticket inspectors after fare-dodger attack

STIB inspectors carry out a spot check for fare-dodgers. Credit: © Belga

Public transport company STIB/MIVB has said it is considering having its ticket controllers work under anonymity after one inspector was assaulted at his address after imposing a fine.

At the end of November, a man who was given a fine for evading the ticket fare staked outside the home of a STIB ticket inspector and attacked him when he came home.

The man, who was arrested and will be before a court in December, was able to track down the inspector’s home address because his name was written on the fine he issued his attacker.

“We think that the fare-dodger was able to find our colleague after receiving the fine, in which the name of the inspector is mentioned,” STIB representatives said, according to BX1.

The man was caught jumping over the barriers by an inspector, who immediately stopped him and issued him a fine for €107.

The incident comes as ticket inspectors for the transport agency increase calls to work under anonymity, citing concerns about their personal security.

“This is a very serious incident,” they added, “We are in favour of implementing a change so that the name of the inspector is no longer mentioned [in the fines].”

Echoing the statements of STIB spokesperson Cindy Arendst after the events, the staff members also said that internal discussions were taking place at the company to study the possibility of scrapping the inspectors’ names from fines sent out to fare-dodgers.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times