Increasing number of rats spotted on Brussels Grand Place

Increasing number of rats spotted on Brussels Grand Place
An increasing number of rats have been spotted at Brussels' Grand Place. Credit: Sergey Rodovnichenko/Flickr

Despite the Pest Control Services putting out rat traps every two weeks, "there will always be rats" on the Brussels' Grand Place.

An increasing number of rats have been spotted in Brussels, most recently on the Grand Place during the Christmas period. The staff of several businesses has confirmed that they frequently see rats as soon as it gets dark outside.

"They are dancing at the Grand Place. They're partying as well," the staff of restaurant El Greco said to Bruzz. Just like Roy d'Espagne, the business next to them, they have contacted private companies to catch them.

"We put out rat traps under the terraces of the restaurants, in little boxes. We check and replace them every 15 days," said the Brussels-City Pest Control Services to Bruzz. They have been getting complaints about rats on the Grand Place specifically for about a year, according to them. "They live in basements and the sewage system, and mostly appear when the garbage bags are outside, looking for food," the Service added.

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There are 1 or 2 rats per inhabitant in Brussels, according to estimations, compared to 4 or 5 in Paris, for example. "Rats are most present from October to February," said Mounir Sanchez, a professional rat exterminator, reports DHnet. "In practice, they're always there, they just come out more during a certain period."

"We haven't really had any extra calls lately. We've been fighting rats around the Grand Place frequently for a long time now. A lot of old houses have cellars that are in some way connected there," said the private pest control company Rentokil, reports Bruzz.

"It is possible that construction works in the area cause people to notice more rats. As soon as the street is opened up, the animals look for a way out above grounds," the company said. "In Brussels, just like in other big cities, rats are difficult to avoid altogether," they added.

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